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As a young professional and self-proclaimed goal-digger, I understand that there is power in chasing your dreams.

A graduate of Florida Southern College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Journalism, my true passion is PEOPLE; whether that be telling a story, sitting down to have a conversation, utilizing the tools that social media brings to the table, giving back through community service or even striking up a conversation with the person behind me in line at the local bagel shop. Building relationships is my passion!

Through my involvement in the Miss America Organization I have had the opportunity to advocate for several different civic and non-profit organizations. I am a passionate champion for bridging the literacy gap through my initiative, FIRE, which aims to Foster Inclusive Reading Education for EVERYONE. 

Aside from my community involvement, I have had the opportunity to explore several different careers in my young professional life. I have taken on the role of marketing executive, sports reporter and content creator. Currently, I am a Kindergarten teacher in a Title One school in Fort Myers, FL. Each of these professional roles has provided me with different experiences and taught me a wide array of lessons that I will carry with me throughout my professional and personal life. I am excited to continue to grow as a young woman and passionate educator.

I am always up for a challenge and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you. Please reach out to me to connect!

Megan Price

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