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Megan Price

Sports Journalist



(863) 673-2911

Sports Reporting/ Hosting Reel

As the only girl in a family full of boys, my most fond childhood memories were made at the baseball field. I took the phrase "diamonds are a girls best friend" quite literally and fell in love with watching my brothers round the bases. As I grew up, I found a passion in connecting with others and specifically helping them tell their stories. These two fascinations collided perfectly and led to a Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Journalism with a concentration in sports media.

I am a multimedia journalist, content creator and storytelling enthusiast. My time growing up in athletics taught me many things, but the most important was the value of hard work. I am dedicated to the grind and am determined to make my mark in the world of sports broadcasting. My attention to detail, social media expertise and comfortable conversation style make me perfect for the sidelines. 

While journalism hasn't always been where I've lived as a professional, I believe that every job experience that I've had in the past has taught me things that have allowed me to flourish in my next role. From educator to marketing and sales professional, each has taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me and skills that enhance my work ability.

Please take a look at my sports reporting and hosting reel below to get a glimpse into my broadcast work!

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